How to Clone Yourself in Adobe Premiere Pro! (CC 2017 Tutorial)

How to Clone Yourself in Adobe Premiere Pro! (CC 2017 Tutorial)

Learn how to Clone Yourself in Adobe Premiere Pro in this tutorial!
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  1. Smash like for that arm swing. Follow me on Instagram! @JustinOdisho

  2. very helpful and straight to the point. Thanks for the video

  3. So how do u blend so u can walk pass the person?

  4. easy, clear simple short explanation. thx

  5. thankyou

  6. Cool video, very informative and easy to understand, how do i add LUT of colour grading for the 2 clips, please advice, thanks

  7. My brain just wont wrap around this like I cant find the crop

  8. thanks bro!

  9. I love your videos! How would I create a mask where one person talks to the other? How do you manage the audio so you can have a conversation with yourself?

  10. Justin what if you wanted to do a motion panning shot & you clone yourself in a round table like That 70’s show, would the same editing methods still work?

  11. I love you, thanks so much lmao

  12. YO I'm a computer science student and I made a mobile app that allows you to clone yourself / twin yourself reaaally quickly in a photo. It's quick, easy to use, and it has a smooth brush so that makes the results realistic, You people might enjoy it

    Its called "Clone yourself – camera for twin effect photos" by Christmas Co.

    —-> Currently available only on android.

  13. The edge feather tool doesn't feather the line for some reason, but all other three. I'm sure it's an issue with my program, because this tutorial is awesome. Does anyone have an idea of what it could be? Also, the edge feather effect is added separate and doesn't show under crop.

  14. very helpful. Nice vid

  15. Thanks man

  16. Great tutorial!

  17. awesome.. answered my questions easily! thank you!

  18. Thank you

  19. Love how simply you explain it, I'll be using this technique in my next shoot, thanks

  20. Ur dope man

  21. That was really cool! I really needed it. tnx J


  23. Thank You kindly! Just what I needed to know in a straight forward manner!!!

  24. i dont have edge feather :(((

  25. Thank.

  26. When I use the edge feather feature with a split-screen, it doesn't feather the line but the edges… how can I fix this?

  27. Thanks bro ! It really helped me now I’m gonna clone my self like 20 times lol

  28. On which app or application were you doing this can you pls explain

  29. Brilliant! Clear, concise and straight to the point…my man! Just a thought but what about filming the second part first so you know how long to stall for the first part?

  30. keep posting plz.. love your videos 🙂

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