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  1. Updated and shorter video right here:

  2. This is not working for me, i need help 🙁

  3. you talk really boring but it works…. Just talk a bit more enthsiastic.

  4. The easiest way to do this in 2019 version is to to use camera blur effect and create 4 point polygon mask. Very easy and works like a charm.

  5. Very Good Video – i like the Steps at the end ! Like and sub!

  6. I think this is gonna help me a lot right now! thanks 😉

  7. why do you have to duplicate the clip why can't you just add the blur on the main clip?

  8. Thanks so much! It really helped me figure this out in record time!

  9. I don't get the blue line box around my blur? What am I missing?

  10. you have the option to track an object on the right side of the mask path you have some triangles. You can track with that, you dont need to do it manually.

    Make your research please before making tutorials!

  11. I do not see how to turn blurriness up

  12. Thank you!

  13. thanks

  14. thanks for the tips! very helpful!

  15. Hi! One question: say I have video with 2 min. length. I blur out moving face and want it to last only 1 min. How can I stop bluring so that the rest of the video face is not blured? Sorry if question is naive, I am absolute novice to the Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2018 program 🙂

  16. Concise and helpful. Thanks!

  17. thank you !!! Great short and clear tutorial!!!! thanks again !!!)))

  18. Thanks for the short and sweet tutorial… Much appreciated!

  19. Thank yooooo!

  20. This helped a lot! Thank you!

  21. Thanks, exactly what I was looking for.

  22. Thanks! but its possible to use Motion Tracker for animated blur? TQ..

  23. Just what I needed.

  24. Perfect tutorial, only took me a few minutes to blur out some private info on a box even though it moved around a lot. Thanks for the help!

  25. Thank you!

  26. This is very helpful! Thank you

  27. Thank-you

  28. Great stuff! Question: Why make a copy of the clip to add the effect to?

  29. The ad is blocking the timeline

  30. Thank you! The old tutorial I was watching didn't match up with 2018 and this one was QUICK and simple. Got my face blur done in no time.

  31. Thanks, very helpful! 😀

  32. Amazing Video!

  33. great video

  34. Thank you so much! I will be glad to use this feature in the future!

  35. Yea you went way too fast. And I don’t knw how to stop the blur on a different section of the vido

  36. Great help, great video. You deserve more views than you're getting. Keep up the good work!

  37. Thank you. That saves a bit of time 🙂

  38. thanks for the tutorial

  39. This is super easy my life has been changed for ever.

  40. If you want to watch more tutorials like this, check out FilmDats YouTube playlist:

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