How to Animate Text in Premiere Pro to the Beat (Adobe CC 2017 Tutorial)

How to Animate Text in Premiere Pro to the Beat (Adobe CC 2017 Tutorial)

Get the latest version of Adobe Premiere Pro CC here:

Learn how to edit text to the beat of music or voice in this Adobe Premiere Pro CC Tutorial!

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  1. Thanks for watching, follow me on Instagram @JustinOdisho

  2. This is clever!

  3. Thanks man!

  4. is there a way to change what the text says at specific keyframes like you can in vegas?

  5. Thanks so much Justin! Really helpful!

  6. like it! thanks!

  7. eat

  8. Great! Thaks a lot

  9. I'm on cc 2015 and under effect controls – opacity – 4 point polygon mask it says Filter offline (mask)
    does that mean that the feature is not available ? or is there a way to fix it
    please help. thanks

  10. loved it

  11. Can you do this with a symbol?

  12. Thanks!!

  13. Can you change the mask's color?

    I am doing a Don't Blink style intro for a college project and wanted something nice to complement it.
    Awesome tutorial!

  15. How to animate that last text solely, can teach more specifically ?

  16. You do a good job explaining how to do things in premiere. Thank you

  17. which song it is???


  19. Such a great tutorial, amazing!

  20. the flickering of the last part premiere pro not clear

  21. Very useful and timely; thank you!

  22. Thanks for the tip my dude

  23. Thank u so much. Helped a lot!!!

  24. whats the name of the song

  25. Awesome vid, thank you. Taught me a lot in a short amount of time, definitely subbed.

  26. You is smart, you is intelligent, you is kind, you is beautiful. Thank you very much

  27. The rectangle and circle won't show

  28. hey Justin, it's me again! I always end up at your tutorials and they always help me! thanks so much! i like how you talk very clearly and there is no background noise, and your screen recording is very good quality. yet another thumbs up from me!

  29. My premiere pro cc version doesn't have masks 🙁

  30. Smart. I always duplicated the previous keyframe. Cutting is a good alternative I never considered.

  31. With this be good for lyric videos?

  32. superb

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