How to Animate Text & Graphics to Music (Kinetic Typography Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2017 Tutorial)

How to Animate Text & Graphics to Music (Kinetic Typography Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2017 Tutorial)

Kinetic typography (moving text) and lyric videos can easily be achieved in Premiere Pro. No plugins needed! So now that you know how to can make your next music video with text and graphics!

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  1. NEW! video tutorial on how to create lyric music video 🙂

  2. I dont know if I'm just more knowledgeable in video editing or if this was explained REALLY well, but this was the first kinetic typography tutorial that was very easy to follow! Thanks!

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  4. hello how you got these many video layers in premium can you tell me please in adobe 2017 had only 3 video layer option

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  12. does this still work in 2020?

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  14. This might be the best tutorial for premiere stuff I've ever watched. I learned so much more than what I came looking for and your instruction is so straightforward and concise definitely subscribing!

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    i smell the lemon in your hair

  16. Thanks for the tips.

    I'm gonna give you one.

    Hold Cmd or Ctrl and click off of your text rather than going and clicking the arrow tool over and over again. It'll really help speed up your workflow.

  17. the number of layers would more than thousand if i make the whole song lyrics…that's not the correct way i guess

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  25. Yes Gal

  26. I can’t use text tool and type like you do in the video. If I press T it does completely different thing and there’s no T on toolbar as you have

  27. Thank you for another great tutorial!!! I have a little notebook to write things like all the steps out as you speak- and its so clear when you teach, its easy for me to hear, understand, write down, and remember. Thanks so much Premiere Gal !

  28. Straight Forward Tutorial. Thumbs Up!

  29. Very informative video 👍👍
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  30. Thanks Gal! this tutorial will definitely help alot!!

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