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  1. Youre so positive this whole time and thanks! Great tutorial

  2. thanks for the tutorial but im using photoshop cs6 and it doesnt appear a "box" that says create video timeline, just appear my first frame can you helo me?

  3. can you do a Tutorial with a mouse please

  4. Wen u use an iPad:

  5. great tutorial!

  6. Krita slows down if you're using too many frames

  7. You should try AnimDessin; a plugin for PS that automates a lot of tasks and problems you have grievance with in regards to animating in Photoshop.

  8. im here because my adobe animate refuses to work

  9. i will learn Photoshop cc in the college soon and I will use it in 2020

  10. Thank you! Even though I don't have photoshop, this taught me a lot! 🙂

  11. Hi,

    what the different between option ( create video Timeline) & ( create frame Animation) ?

  12. hey bro the animation part starts at 8:00 lol not 5:00 lol but awesome tutorial photoshop is best animation program haha jk love ya jesse keep up the good work

  13. You are learning very well just click of the mouse does not appear. With the brush tool selected, please click with the mouse wherever you click on a panel and not To erase the tablet's selection

  14. this is amazing!! what a lifesaverrrr

  15. 8:01 – Simple mini
    13:31 – Advanced video

  16. Hi can you make an updated tutorial on krita thanks

  17. Would love it if you did step-by-step of coloring in character and drawing background (as it’s handy to have all the info one needs to animate in PS in ONE PLACE) but GREAT video!!!

  18. Will you do a "How to animate in Clip Studio Paint" Tutorial?

  19. How To Animate in Opentoonz please!

  20. Animation actually starts at 7:58

  21. you think you could try and do a tutorial for 2D animation in blender 2.8?

  22. I think you better then Jazza

  23. Photoshop cc is not free 😒

  24. Finally a easy tutorial
    Amazing vid Jesse! keep it up! 😀

  25. Jesse J. coming in with some straight-up KNOWLEDGE!

  26. Hey, I love your tutorials, I have a question about my own channel. Is it allowed to screen record phosotop and mac osx behind for tutorials and commercial used them here, like you do? Do we need special license from software comps?

  27. Thanks for the tutorial mate, it really helps with my assignments. 🙂

  28. Wow youre back!

  29. plz how can i edit in sai then send it to photoshop

  30. Good

  31. This is amazing very useful. Ill rewatch the whole thing when i get my labtop back.

  32. I really like your chanel,it helps a lot 🙂

  33. 2 reasons I don't use Photoshop.
    1 too bloody expensive
    2 not vector based

  34. Hi Jesse is it possible to animate JPG photo in any animation software or it has to be illustrated or vectorized first ?

  35. i don't use photoshop but holy shit you make good tutorials

  36. 14:57 good job jizzie

  37. Awesome

  38. Thank you, Now i can animate my default dance minecraft Skin barney in photoshop 😀

  39. Thanks for this tutorial! Definitely gonna try to animate in Photoshop sometime 😀

  40. Cool

  41. You're very underrated

  42. Wow cool

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