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  1. Hi.. I have a dell laptop with premiere Pro. I wanted the full screen video out via HDMI on my 34" ultra wide LG monitor. Went thru settings as per your instruction but it still showing my full pc out rather then Video Out. Please help.

  2. Great video thanks!!!

  3. Hi Colin, I realize your tutorial is over four years old at this point, but I found it helpful still. I'm getting terrible screen tearing with this feature using a LCD TV like this one.

  4. Sir .. my dual display (Mercury Transmit) not working.. all settings r checked it.. all is well. please resove it

  5. Great concise explanation

  6. Two monitors is no problem. Premiere has suddenly stopped playing out to the third monitor? Premiere has become amateur hour lately which is slowly making me migrate to DaVinci Resolve.

  7. Thank you!

  8. my two monitor connectd vgi and third one is hdmi to hdmi i wanna used third for output but if i select third one nothing happend 123 is checked many time i select always third monitor

    grapics card gtx 1080 ti

    i used mac

  9. Brilliant, 3 thumbs up.

  10. Thanks for that you are doing, but i want to know how to edit on a live tv show

  11. Thanks for explaining 🙂 Best greetings from Austria. 👊

  12. really very useful, thank you

  13. using cc2018 on Mac and this isnt sending the preview to my second monitor for some reason? Edit actually works fine I just needed to click on my main after effects window and drag it a bit to get it to register and activate on second screen…I personally wish it would only take over the second screen when I actually press render not just when im working on the timeline

  14. I am loving my two monitor setup now!

  15. Mr. Smith this is a little off topic but: at time 3:44 where talking about the source and program Monitors each has a FULL SCREEN mine almost always have a Smaller picture and never fill the monitor screen ,,, Very annoying what am I doing wrong. How do I get mine to look like yours?

  16. Im operating CS6 on windows 10 and can get this to work on Premier Pro, but not After Effects. Any ideas on how to fix this just need a dual screen to my data projector, running from my HDMI port.

    After Effects warning: The following plugin have failed to load. Please reinstall these plugins: FilesAdobeCommonPlug-insCS6MediaCoreNVIDIANVIDIA quadro transmit Plug-in.prm

  17. How can I lock this output to the source or program so it stays on that one thing instead of changing whenever I change windows?

  18. Sir what is difference between speed grade and prelude

  19. I use 2015 version. But Unfortunately I could not find that menu on preferences. 🙁 could you help you pls? thanks.

  20. Is there a way to preview the video fullscreen without a secondary device? I want to preview it right on my mac and I don't have another screen to put it on

  21. 4:16 i dont have option to chose adobe monitor can i somehow get that option?

  22. Mercury Transmit Down load site says that it is only good on windows 7 64 bit Where do I obtain Mecury Transmit for Windows 10?

  23. omg so helpful!
    Is there a way I can edit from the mercury display preview in after effects? If I could that would be amazing.

  24. Colin sir please make a tut on Adobe Prelude .

  25. NiCE.

  26. thanx

  27. Good day, What is the shortcut key to activate the screen? Or what Can i search at the keybord shortcuts to activate and de-activate it?

  28. I have it working perfectly on PP, however AE refuses to work. It previews in the same window as my AE application. I have tried switching to all the monitors, and it always goes to the same window as my application. Any suggestions?

  29. Very good and informative video, thank you!
    The workflow gets a lot more efficient once using more than one display 😊😁

  30. thank you so much Colin? smith?

  31. When using a built-in video card, do you have to extend the display? I'd rather not have my mouse able to move on to that screen. I presume with the IO cards like the DeckLink this wouldn't be a problem?

  32. I'm trying to use the mercury transmit in AE with the feature "always preview this view" and "primary viewer" features. In both CC2014-15 versions, there seems to be no way to lock the preview in the second monitor. For instance, I would expect the preview to still be displayed when opening or editing a pre-comp, but it turns black. Any thing I'm missing? I'm using a PC and the 2nd monitor is plugged straight into the video card (GTX760). Thx!

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