Filmora Pro Versus Adobe Premiere Pro Honest Review

Filmora Pro Versus Adobe Premiere Pro Honest Review

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FilmoraPro is a much less expensive alternative for emerging filmmakers and new video editors. It works for both Mac and PC.


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  1. What do y’all think? If you’re looking for a less expensive option, are you going to give Filmora Pro a try?

  2. FAKE

  3. I use filmora 9 and then there is a 'render' button which makes every preview while editing really smooth. You mean to say that they left out that render button in their own Pro version?

  4. Nah…im sticking to Pr

  5. This was hardly a comparison review. I dont use either but i am about to buy one of them amd that is why im here. This felt to me more like a Wondershare add. Cheers.

  6. the fact that filmora copied every single thing about premier pro's UI tells you which one is superior. Premier Pro is used by professionals and filmora is used by 10 y/o's making fortnite clips.

  7. Can Filmora Pro only be used on the laptop it was downloaded on? Can I sign in and perform my edits on another computer? Wondering if its web based software or has some type of portal to access it without using the original computer it was downloaded on?

  8. Nice comparison. Question about Filmora Pro. I can't get a watermark to work and cropping a section of video for several seconds is not working. I have not seen any Filmora tutorials that address this. Any advice?

  9. can you edit the music? for example cut and join sections? or just allow to throw the music in there and that's it?

  10. even though its hard to find filmora pro first release version (cause my system are only AMD A4 APU 4000,no VGA Card and 3,5gb available RAM)
    FIlmora 9 can't do something like modifying effect duration

  11. Thanks for your effort for doing this awesome video

  12. Wow. Best review of filmora pro vid i have seen so far. Looks like FP is missing quite a bit of basic features (for me). And that part about playback of edit not being smooth is a deal breaker #1. Thanks! I won't waste my money on FP!

  13. question is, waht did u edit with for this video

  14. Filmora has a playback render button under the playback screen

  15. There’s only one masking option for a FilmoraGo with premiere pro you’ve got lots

  16. Filmora pro is free

  17. You know couple minutes in and just looking at the features filmora it looks so similar to hitfilm express. I feel just a minute it is a rip off because you can get hitfilm for free and filmora you have to pay for. Personal I would work with hitfilm express a free source (basic package) and try to music from other sources or other things I need from other sources.

  18. what software was this edited on??

  19. Da Vinci Resolve blows both Premiere and Filmora!

  20. It's a nice explanation!!

  21. For me its the lack if adjustment layers. Filmora 9 their basic editor, even has this feature and I require it for my kind of content. Once they get this figured out Filmora Pro will be my absolute go to editor.

  22. Tough call. Like Premiere Pro for features and huge amount of third party plug-in effects and transitions but dislike the price and suggested hardware requirements (very high end i7 CPUs / graphic cards). Filmora on the other hand is cheaper, easier to use with lesser hardware requirements and many included transitions/effects. Likely will start with Filmora and evaluate other editors should the need arise.

  23. Very nice & short but detailed comparison. Good job !

  24. It’s 62 now for life so it’s good

  25. I need help! I started a project on Wondershare Filmora. Now, I want to step it up, and use Premiere Pro, but I don't want to restart the whole project from scratch.

    Si there a way to save or convert my Filmora Project into a codec that I can then open through Premiere Pro? Is there anyway to convert the data so Premiere can read it?
    Or do I really have to use import the original videos and do all the editing all over again from the beginning?

  26. Hey Gal,
    thank you very much for this video! I am only getting into video editing and I am thinking about starting a small Youtube channel, so I tested quite a few tools during the past few days. I already have the photo abo by Adobe, so I am using Photoshop and Lightroom, but since I don't do photoshoots on a regular basis anymore, the subscription model is really annoying. When I found Filmora Pro yesterday, I really liked how it looks and works. Also, I don't have any playback issues in the preview window. It just runs smooth and as expected. Maybe they figured this out already. Thanks to your video, I now know that Filmora Pro will be the tool of my choise and that I don't need another subscription. Thanks a lot! 🙂

  27. "Its only 149$" bruh I'm out here using free codes for softwares

  28. I only just heard of this software yesterday as I've been using Premiere Pro for the last 18 months. The playback issues for me would be too frustrating for me so I'll stick with Premiere. Thanks for the review!

  29. Anyone tried it with win 7. I use filmora 8 and 9 with win 7 already

  30. filmora for me was SUPER glitchy, is filmora pro laggy?

  31. Filmora is for beginners. Then you move on to Adobe Premire Pro, or MAGIX Vegas.

  32. So which one has the effects for free? I've been paying for Filmora FilmStocks. And I'm good now.

  33. Thank you Premier Gal

  34. Filmora Pro is gonna be so good in like 6-12 months when they finish fleshing out all of the other important features. 🙂

  35. Is flimora pro beginner friendly?

  36. hi, tell me how to hack Filmora Pro version?

  37. So, you can’t preview your result at filmora pro?

  38. How can u fix the problem with “adding voice directly to the video while/after editing”

  39. Actually very useful for me.. I have doubt. Now I cleared. My choice is premiere Pro

  40. Thanks for this review

  41. I paid the program yesterday and working in a video, let me export the file when I try to fix something the next day ask for buy the program again or will be with a watermark, I try to communicate but is a robot, no answer, I uninstall the program from my computer and install again, try that but was a sign " the program was frizz because several people working with the same program" ????
    I am buying software for more than 20 years this never happens to me. This company have doesn't support is a robot.
    I require a FULL REFUND

  42. Filmora pro doesn’t have a tracker you have to make 1000s of key frames it doesn’t have GPU RENDERING OpenCL or CudA it uses heard ware instead doesn’t have a stabilizer.

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