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  2. but there is some Chinese that flee to Vietnam , few week ago Vietnam police in hue ( central Vietnam ) arrest 3 or 4 Chinese and only 1 of them have passport the other don't and none of them have stamp of legally entering Vietnam , all from southern china (guang dong ) maybe they are wanted criminal who flee to Vietnam during the covid 19 so they wont get caught , I heard a lot of wanted criminal get caught tks to covid 19

  3. the video title are : no need visa , Chinese entering Vietnam more then yesterday nothing to do with covid 19 , pretty new normal pre new year or holiday where Chinese worker come back to Vietnam after they holiday ( there are few thoundsand of Chinese worker in Vietnam and also few thoudsand of Vietnamese in china

  4. Chinese on the brinks of revolution by bats and crows!!!

  5. They should go to North Korea! ONLY North Korea developed new highly effective drugs against the corona desease: KUMDANG 2 and ROYAL BLOOD FRESH:

  6. Stop blaming everything on Western Media.This COVID_19 sh!et happened in China.That's a fact !!!

  7. Ping The Pooh
    Ping The Pooh
    Willy nilly silly all stuffed with Fluff
    He's Chairman Ping The Pooh
    Ping The Pooh
    Willy nilly silly old Bear.

  8. Unusual for CGTN to use Google maps

  9. Nothing new. Sensational stories attract clicks. There are many on Youtube and online. That's why we need some censorship.

  10. CGTN is funded by the Chinese government by the way.

  11. Has anyone died in Vietnam of Covid 19 yet???

  12. CTGM is funded by Chinese govt. Well that is propaganda for CCP, of course this channel is big liar. I am Vietnamse American and I know clearly that the Communist govt of Viet Nam has not been allowed to close the border by CCP that makes Vietnamse ppl are so upset since thousands and thousands Chinese ppl from mainland come to VN freely without requirement of holding visas.
    Last week, China forced VN to let more Chinese ppl to come to operate their companies there. I don't understand why many Americans still believe this channel but think that our channels in US deliver fake news about CCP and China.

  13. Western media is simply just sad & pathetic.

  14. They definitely out of business…..if they don't disseminate fake news.

  15. LOL they're escaping to China

  16. This is not the time to make speculations and assumptions. Don't point fingers and blame anyone. Do what is necessary to deal with the problems at hand now

  17. When you slap some once, it might reflex the way you did.

  18. Who is being fooled right now???.

  19. CGTN IS FAKE NEWS TOO!!!!!!!!!

  20. Fake news is like a plague…
    People need medical technology to eliminate the plague, and fake news needs wisdom.

  21. CNN,BBC,Guardian, Make the world hate China obviously.

  22. Why bother to report on this? We already know how evil the western msm can be. They want to destroy the China Chinese. So obvious.

  23. Nothing new here just another day in western media, they fake, lie, smear, only peoples with no brain or dark heart trust them.

  24. 共產黨不倒/世界不會好/中國對全人類的傷害歷史會被記上一筆
    When will China Communist Party collapse? I think covid-19 will do it.
    A govt that values no human rights and gives false data, way to go.
    God is watching and currently punishing the communist China.
    中國人民, wake up, 推翻你們獨裁政權吧

  25. The Chinese government has lied through their teeth by omission.

    That matters more.

  26. They came to Cambodia, Cambodia opens to everyone with warm welcome including coronavirus.

  27. Who gives a shit!

  28. Never heard of it, until now…

  29. U. S, fake news

  30. Hahaha Dead Repubic of Vietnam fake news. They anti-communist so they always spread fake news to lie Vietnamese people. 😀

  31. So lets see… a video talking about a VIRAL video and articles of that story not in English and the WU MAO troll army is now screaming about Western media who never actually published a story about this VIRAL VIDEO!!! MORONS!!!

  32. thats how democracy work
    lying till the end

  33. Good counteract those Western mainstream and social media narrative that are propagating fake information.

  34. People of the world are beginning to realize that virtually 100% of what ever negative things the usa government or the usa mainstream news media says about China, have all turned out to be deliberate lies by the usa government and deliberate lies by the usa maintream news media

  35. I notice that CGTN is so smart and has CAUGHT the fake new creators red handed and have completely destroyed the credibility of so many Fake news coming from usa mainstream news media .

  36. CGTN is really so smart in managing to catch so many fake news created by the anti china people, especially those fake news created by the unethical usa government , in an attempt to pull down China

  37. Unfortunately as CGTN is a propaganda news outlet for, the PRC nothing they report can be believed because if a,news,channel doesn't report the actual facts what's,the point of it .Apart from supporting the PRC propaganda efforts. Anyone in who isn't living in China or without internet knows this…. I do wonder if the after a,while even the Troll farm workers start believing what they write. .

  38. A typical fake news from western media.

  39. Is it

  40. The only fact is that u r totally responsible for the deaths of all whom died and the suffering of all whom got the virus

    u knew when it happened and yet u punished the doctors who announced it claiming they promote public unrest now they died and many more

  41. china has been generous

  42. to learn the truth go outside of you tube and search for "corona unmasked" a 2 part series showing video from china the Chinese gov doesn't want you to see

  43. its not lies the chinese flock to vietnam for vacation.and theres alot of chinese that live in vietnam.your government lieing to you becasue they care more about money than you.

  44. Social media are harmful if not regulate properly

  45. Western media master of fake news
    .. democracy all about lies .. msia is the one

  46. Most people watching this video here already knew those are fake news.

  47. Good job cgtn!

  48. Free speech is so often interpreted as free to lie, free to make up fake news.

  49. Avoid toxic media in times like this. People will do anything to get views and subscribers. Avoid crowd and stay healthy.

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