Everything New in Adobe Photoshop CC 2020

Everything New in Adobe Photoshop CC 2020

Photoshop CC 2020 is a big update with a lot of exciting new features including the new Object Selection Tool, enhanced Warp Transformation, updated Preset libraries and lots of brand new keyboard shortcuts and timesavers. Use time codes below to jump to specific features and check out the Milanote board for resources and exercise files!


0:30 Object Selection Tool
6:15 Enhanced Transform Warp
10:09 Free Transform improvements
12:56 Improved Properties panel
17:15 Updated Patterns, Gradients, Shapes
20:48 Lens Blur – Set Focal point option
24:10 Content-Aware Fill workspace improvements
25:34 Cloud Documents
27:00 Timesavers

Pixel Stretch Effect Tutorial:

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  1. What new feature would you like to see introduced to Photoshop?

  2. good 411. Does anyone else see whats wrong with this first picture? The sad part is that most won't.

  3. Please add captions to this video.
    Signed Annoyed Deaf Female Who Would Like Access

  4. Some new features to learn since I don't have Photoshop CC 2020.

  5. Thanks for the tutorial, i already suscribed! How can i change to erase tool from brush in Windows? i cant use ~ to hold it. Wainting for the next video, thanks again!

  6. nice

  7. What a white man with an Indian accent. Damn.

  8. @Yes I’m a Designer any changes or updates in 3D?

  9. still cant use the effects in 32 bit??

  10. thank you for sharing.

  11. Which photoshop is the CC version? I have a creative cloud of $9.99.

  12. Adobe should pay you for this, very informative and fun to watch. Thanks

  13. Great summary of the new features, thanks!

  14. Definitely could use the angle reset feature in Illustrator

  15. Every year I am disappointed on Adobe changing selections in Paths. Can anyone help with these two questions. In 2019 they removed the i believe it was option + click on a PATH to quickly make a selection rather having to go into the menu and add selection. Does anyone know the new shortcut for that? While say cloning around or inside a path you were able to move the selection with just the arrow keys while still using the clone tool. You are no longer able to do that.. You actually have to switch to a lasso or marquee tool to nudge or move the path and that is very annoying switching back and forth from lasso to clone. Does anyone know how to revert that back to the way it was?

  16. thanks for the video 🙂

  17. At work we have cc19, but I hate the fact that every time my computer loses connection, something pops up and tells me: can't find license key.
    The only option then is to close PS. Why does it check my license the whole f*cking time? Not just when starting PS?
    It happens very rare, but when it happens it's so annoying.
    I hate it so much that I still use CS6 at home.

  18. I wonder if the pictures can be automatically to be uploaded somewhere? I not have Adobe acc i only create picture and save on my PC. Is he anywhere he can
    share without my permission? Tnx for answer!

  19. why the function on 28:24 does not work for me😣😐🤔 what Im doing wrong?

  20. No substitute for deaf people!!!

  21. In the 2018 verizon I've had a lot of annoying moments where when trying to rotate an image the pixels would get really awkward and scrambled, and the standard eraser tool had become really annoying to use as opposed to previous versions. Is this still present?

  22. 10 min video

  23. WoW 🙂 Thank you 🙂

  24. More sections in the warp))) Love it!!!!

  25. While I like having a cloud based library I don't have a very good connection (living in the middle of nowhere!). I wish it was possible to have a local library but have so far not found how to set it up, as all library options take me to the cloud.

  26. good tutoial thank you somuch

  27. gimp is better

  28. Create video

  29. please include the Indonesian translation so I understand hhe 🙏🏻

  30. Am I the only one to hate that photoshop logo is rounded while the others from CC are not? I know its foolish but it looks terrible in my dock

  31. Zed seems to be pretty much alive, baby.

  32. 16:30 Thats cool but why hasn't Adobe make this work for regular layers too? Currently if i use this Properties panel to rotate a layer, it snaps back to zero, forgetting the angle. And if its a smart layer, than there's no option to rotate at all. Thanks!

  33. Hi! In my version of Photoshop 2020 there is no icon / option "object selection tool. Any ideas?

  34. ah damn i can already see art thieves using this (the removing the mushroom part) to remove watermarks -_-

  35. Create video. So glad Adobe fixed the issue with transforming objects in CMYK mode. Cheers!

  36. Interesting that you should start right out with a picture taken in Lisbon. Those traditional Portuguese sidewalks, with all their darkened seams and multi-colour decorative work, can be an absolute pain to select stuff out of.

  37. Download all free to use animated background for designers https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hUF3XMuwi9s


  39. When you advertise an update, how much do you get from Adobe? It's a lousy CC release. Despite the excellent news, it is necessary to set up a computer like Microsoft.

  40. How to download Photoshop cc 2020 please send me link

  41. Great job adobe, specialy on zoom on layer 👏👏👏👏👏

  42. I am very glad I came across this. Thank you for doing this video. I have a question. I have Photoshop 2018 CC, Photoshop 2019 CC and now Photoshop 2020. I have been using Photoshop 2019 CC up until this video. Is Photoshop just the next phase or is it like Lightroom Classic vs the Online version. I do a lot of work offline where I don't have internet connections.

  43. "New features" that should have been added 20 years ago…. glad to finally see that PS is getting it's shit together.

  44. First video of this channel I watched, instantly subbed. Looking forward to more great content and I will definitely be checking out your course material too!

  45. And they still don't have 3d layers, a feature I requested around 17 years ago.

  46. Great video, very informative!! Greeting from Holland!

  47. Can you now lasso and transform / liquify on multiple layers at the same time like in Procreate ?

  48. My APScc 2020 download does not have the "object selection tool" 🤔

  49. No one will appreciate all the hard work that came before The Updates 🤓🤪😅

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