Editing a vlog in Adobe Premiere Rush CC.

Editing a vlog in Adobe Premiere Rush CC.

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Editing a vlog in Adobe Premiere Rush CC. Today I had planned for a more lifestyle vlog, but things didn’t end up going according to plan. So, I decided I would test out the new Adobe Premiere Rush CC editing software. I try editing a vlog in Adobe Premiere Rush CC. It’s definitely not a program for me.

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  1. I've been trying to run around with less gear and shoot with my phone, gopro7, and mavic air. This software helps with starting on the phone, then finishing on Premiere 2019 since Rush will synchronize with Premiere 2019. I edit both on Final Cut and Premiere, so learning Rush was pretty easy. You are correct that it's too simple and limiting. That's like somebody who knows Calculus and being forced to used Algebra 1 techniques only. I actually like the software too because I start on my phone and finish on my desktop or labtop using Rush or Premiere depending on the needs of my "done."

    Just like cameras, different tools for different needs. 🙂

  2. zooms in at random objects dramatically, calls premiere rush bad…

  3. What’s your excuse actually?

  4. i will stay with pro thank you

  5. Can I sort project clips by creation date in Adobe Rush desktop? I'm gonna need that on mobile too asap lol.
    Because who doesn't want to import footage from multiple cameras easily? 👼

  6. Childish video…

  7. This is hilariously awesome!

  8. Why does every YouTube feels is cool to have a stupid "let's make a face" thumbnail??

  9. I’ve been trying to use this bc iMovie isn’t working and I would never recommend rush

  10. All the things you say it doesnt have…it has..

  11. Good observations on Rush. Sorry you had a rough time getting started. I think you found that Rush is too basic for your style of editing. That's totally OK. That said, some of the things you mentioned are top feature requests for Rush. I'm sure you'll start to see some of the bigger features you are missing soon. The best thing about it for someone like you is to start editing in the field, finish a rough cut, then import the result into Premiere Pro for finishing.

  12. I think I’ll stick to Vegas 13

  13. Let me know how you get on with Resolve. Supposedly it’s the best for college direction I was going to try to edit with it but I was discouraged by some people but I’m gonna give it a shot

  14. For me Premiere is way too complicated and, yes, Rush is too simple and I cannot control the export settings to my liking in order to get the quality export I need for Instagram.

    But I do like that I can start the edit on my phone and finish it on my computer

    Also you can open Rush projects in Premiere, which is hopefully going to lead me back to working more with Premiere

    I want to see if I can open a Rush project in Premiere and export w more kb per second

    Also it is not the software’s fault that your mic is messed up. You can export with mono sound in Rush

    On my phone Rush takes a much longer time to render than Kinemaster, which I have used for a while. But I do like that in Rush you can pinch to make the timeline shorter. It makes it much easier to move clips around

    Also you can do some pretty decent basic color correction on the phone in rush and that’s important to me with the content I shoot

    I bought Luma Fusion for my phone for about $20 and it seems like it does the most. But I’m still getting used to it. I wish there was a desktop version of that to link to

    On my laptop I edit with Filmora, which does a lot but not quite enough and can take a long time to render

    I actually wish I had a mac – I would use Final Cut

  15. Dude, I laughed so hard at this video. I FEEL YOUR PAIN. I downloaded this and made my first attempt this week. Your reaction brought me back to all the hours I spent editing. Thanks for the laughs. @coxfamilyadventures

  16. nice vid blake! buuuut i think I will stick with LumaFusion… I like to do a little sound design, color grading, slowmotion etc on my ipad and lumafusion does that really well. My main frustrations with it are not being able to select multiple clips at the same time to move segments 🙁 and not being able to corner pin…

  17. You know I gave up on premiere along time ago when I went to FCPX; (not anything like FCPX in my opinion) thought about RUSH as a simple tool for my daughter or nephew. I think that they would still be very upset. Premiere Elements would be better in my opinion because it is actually a middle path between the two. My wife uses Premiere Elements and I still go back and forth with Pro and AE but FCPX is just so much faster on my Macs. OD

  18. Cool edits 👍🏻😎

  19. Great non-tutorial… I had fun watching it !!!! 😀 :p

  20. Like your pinned comment…. I figured I’d use Rush to start a rough cut remotely, the get it to done with Pro.

  21. I'm sure it's better once ya get it….but ya it seems kind of counter productive

  22. Sounds like its for the one take wonders!

  23. Vlogtorialception! Sounds like a dinosaur!

  24. Dave Dave dave!!

  25. I'm here!! Late….but I'm here bro! Been a crazy last week

  26. I haven't heard good things about rush. I think I'll stay with Premiere lol. I love using Premiere now

  27. Hey Burke being a musician you may appreciate Resolve 15 itz like a video audio creation mix of a beast

  28. Rush has no appeal to me, but can't help but enjoy watching a Burke video anyway!

  29. Hello, I have two problems with my premier cc, I do not know where to post this, sorry if I'm here.
    1: The effects that I installed preestablished that worked for me yesterday, today I do not work anymore.
    2: the titles that I create in my project about a video I place them in the center, but when exporting them and watching the final video the titles changed place I do not know why I get it like that if they do not have any effect or anything just static, and so they are in the project but at the end appear in another part of the screen. I explain? thank you if you can help me.

  30. If rush syncs with Premiere…that's what's up

  31. "What is this?? What's going on??!!" Love it!

  32. Trust me, the tutorial doesnt help with any of that stuff. This whole video was basically my internal monologue while testing Adobe Rush.

    That being said, if Adobe allowed you to upload straight from Preniere Pro, I would literally jump for joy lol.

  33. Love the broll and sound design man. The transition to and from can still use some work. Keep it up and if you have feedback for me I would love some! Cheers.

  34. Achieve more done fools!!!!!

    Said burke

  35. Less tools equals more creativity!!!!! Got it

  36. I upload from final cut

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