Creative Ideas for your Adobe Muse Website | Adobe Muse CC | Muse For You

Creative Ideas for your Adobe Muse Website | Adobe Muse CC | Muse For You

In this Adobe Muse video tutorial I go over how to create a home page using a few different techniques. Links to various resources used in this video tutorial are below.

Alexana Font:

Images from Graphic Burger:

Font Squirrel (Web Font Generator):

Join Muse For You Subscription:


Get access to all widgets:




Free Resources for Adobe Muse Users:

Free for Commercial Use Images:
JPG Image Compression:
PNG Image Compression:
Icons (Iconfont, PNG, SVG, EPS, and PSD):
Font Squirrel (Read License Agreement for fonts):
Adobe Color CC:






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  1. the bass when you type jesus

  2. لوازم خانگی بانه فروش

  3. Adobe Muse CC 2018 … ​Free Download​

  4. sooo… i was scratching my head over the widgets panel being empty (first time user) and realised that you need to buy those from your website.
    So basically an advertisement and not really a tutorial i guess?

  5. big up à toi Mich ….stp est t'il possible de faire un site multi-langue dans muse ??? mon email

  6. Did these websites function or do you have to send it to a coder

  7. Hi! I am an 18 year old girl from the Netherlands. I want to start a fashion and travel blog soon. For this I was thinking about downloading Adobe Muse CC (to make the blog with) and Adobe Lightroom (to edit photos with). Do you have any tips of any programs I should use? Any better programs? Advice? Much appreciated, thank you!

  8. You rock! Love all your tutorials, thank you for what you do!

  9. Hi! I have never built a website before. Can you give me a tip on how to link the homepage I made in muse to a domain that I have?

  10. Awesome how long did it take you to master Adobe muse ?

  11. Get a highpass-filter on your audio track, sounds like an earthquake whenever you type or touch your table

  12. I cannot install the font. It's a lready install in my pc but the .woff does not want to install?.

    Help.. the other two are with the green check mark except for that one..

    Thank you in advanced

  13. You are very good and talentend but please start creating good things but free. I know that this is your work but it's starting to be annoying your channel is 90% paying stuff.

  14. Great Video, man I learn so much from all of your videos. I have a question; at around 10:03 min you preview the page in browser, in Muse the name "Alexana" is hovered over the watermelon but when previewed in browser the word is above the watermelon. Why is that? if you have a video for this it would be awesome.

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