Creating Adobe Photoshop Templates for Mockups (Full Process!)

Creating Adobe Photoshop Templates for Mockups (Full Process!)

Download the template & resource files here:

— In this tutorial, I’m going to show you how to create those snazzy mockups for Adobe Photoshop that people use to showcase their artwork. In this case, I will show you how to create a t-shirt mockup with smart object layers, but this process is applicable to any medium, including office stationary, coffee mugs; whatever you want!

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  1. Crush that SUBSCRIBE Button – Oh, and also, I forgot to use the Spot Healing Brush tool to remove the little debris from the lower sleeve. Oops, it's a simple fix!

  2. Great job dude. Very awesome tutorial. Kudos!!

  3. There's an easier way of doing displacement, there's vids on YouTube.

  4. thanks man for this awesome tutorial!

  5. Thanks so much for this tutorial 😀 but we don´t need to see you, you're covering part of the screen :_(

  6. great video, I was looking for it

  7. Thankyou so much! 🙂

  8. When i create a rectangle it doesn't make a new layer.. i can't move it or something else. And also when i'm dubble click on it (it will show up yes) but it isn't a smart object… can someone help me? -sorry for me bad english i'm german <3

  9. Thanks for a great video!
    Just a quick observation + question, when you re-sized the canvas ( 21:38 ) some of the logo that you liquefied got reset (left side) , is it because of the re-sizing or some other reason?

  10. Starts at 11.44

  11. Thank u sir

  12. THIS big video ..
    so .
    I dont looking your video.

  13. I love the video but I'm new and some of the tools you are hitting I dont have them on tool bar I would need to know the name. Once you put the logo on you hit three tools and the 3rd one I don't know the name.

  14. Okay now the area where u have to trace the little partnive done that but it doesn't have make selection when click

  15. Hrs

  16. When u do the fill my ant..lines wont go away I been at this for 4 hes

  17. Don't waist your time guys, there an online solution for mockups, logos and video! click here=>

  18. I JUST BOUGHT SOME newspaper mockups for 9 dollars. I supported the designer. one day i want to have the patience to make my own like you have done. i have had the thought one too many times and you have just made it look easier than i thought. i think trainers are a good start. ones you can draw into with the brush as if your designing your own. once youve done the design just take that layer and save as a jpg. send off to a competetion. i think vans recently did that.

  19. This is the most best video i have ever seen on creating mockups and smart objects…thanks a ton bro..cheers

  20. Hey small mistake at 12:50 it looks like your webcam/camera is on a layer above it all so newer people cant see where smart object is, otherwise decent tutorial overall

  21. Has anyone else gone crazy by that little fuzz on the left sleeve?

  22. Thank you <3

  23. I prefer to use displacement maps

  24. One of two best free videos!

  25. chatter

  26. Hi bro, I need some help in Photoshop How to 80x80px size canva add my original image then pixels quality not reduced give me some tips

  27. very tutorial 🙌

  28. How do you drag the image to the rectangle?

  29. Very awesome video!!! Thank you so so much 🤗

  30. Very helpful!

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