Coconut Flan – Bánh Flan Dừa

Coconut Flan – Bánh Flan Dừa

Flan or Crème caramel is one of the foods brought to Vietnam by the French I suppose. It is rich, creamy and delicious. In Vietnam, sometimes black coffee is poured on top to give it a nice aroma. It is known as bánh caramel, caramen or kem caramel in northern Vietnam or bánh flan or kem flan in southern Vietnam

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3 whole eggs
2 yolks
180 g sweetened condensed milk (abt 1/2 can)
400 ml milk
200 ml coconut cream
1 tsp vanilla extract
1 tbsp butter

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  1. Hallo Hellen!tại sao em ko nói tiếng việt vậy?em nói tiếng anh ít người hiểu lắm,nếu coi theo phụ đề rất là phiền,góp ý kiến.

  2. Very nicely explained. Can I replace cow milk with coconut milk.

  3. What can I do if I don't have a steamer?

  4. It looks good n yummy …love it ..❤

  5. Sosoooo good n simple way of teaching love al l your recepies.

  6. Oh Helen! I wish I could scratch my screen and smell that baby. I would try it with Cuban café on top or the ice.

  7. how long can it be kept in a chiller?

  8. how long can it be kept in a chiller?

  9. You can make this vegan with agar. Nothing from the butt-hole of an immature chicken !

  10. Looks great and I love the use of the steamer…so Asian since we don't bake. 🙂 Really want that tea set you had in front of your the whole time. So cute!

  11. Không cho sữa đặc mà cho sữa tươi có đường đk ạ?

  12. Awesome recipe, Thanks, Helen. I don't like milk. What can I replace the condenced milk and milk portions?

  13. You should make banh ep

  14. It's my favorite sweets during in Veitnam. It's cheap but rish in flavor. Thank you for sharing this recipe 🙂

  15. Holes in the flan means that you boiled it. Maybe it’s too hot?

  16. you could open a restaurant with all your skills and recipes.

  17. Interesting way to make flan. Looks good! 👍

  18. I love Helen and her cooking! Will you marry me?! Now, how do I tell my wife. 🍜🍢🍛💟💍🤔

  19. I will give it try. Love flan 🍮

  20. Love your cooking skill! Thank you for sharing.

  21. Your video look so pretty!

  22. Love this! I will eat flan any day 😋

  23. Brought to Vietnam by the French but really invented by the Spanish

  24. Wow how delicious 😍 those look wonderful and easy. Thank you

  25. This looks so delicious Helen! I love the idea of shaved ice on top.

  26. This looks so good 😆

  27. That looks delicious.

  28. Yummm!!

  29. Love flan and coconut perfect 😋👍thank you Helen keep up your delicious recipes

  30. Com on!

  31. I was so hoping this was vegan…

  32. Philippines we also have leche flan but more dense because of egg yolks condensed milk and evaporated milk but no coconut milk

  33. Chac Helen cò tin vui rồi 😊

  34. OOOh, steaming is actually a great way to cook it. I cook it in the oven in a layer of water (Bain-marie).

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