Apple Mac Pro 2019 BEST SPECS for Adobe Premiere Pro Editors

Apple Mac Pro 2019 BEST SPECS for Adobe Premiere Pro Editors

I just bought the new Apple Mac Pro to use with Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2020 and also upgraded the RAM myself and saved over $2000!

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  1. Make sure to check out my Spanish version of this video and also subscribe:

  2. Adobe just announced support for Afterburner card in the next beta release!

  3. How some of those DAWS are becoming larger and larger almost every year?

  4. At least you can change the Processor yourself, others have tried it so look it up!

  5. Yeah, very happy new year

  6. Step 1 don't buy a mac for adobe, step 2 leave adobe for reslove 16.

  7. you've talked me into pulling the trigger on this…thank you?!? LOL seriously though, thanks!

  8. i see some SF2 cabs in background ! that the most awesome thing in video

  9. "you buy"… im poor sir

  10. ok but can it play crysis?

  11. 2020 is not awesome at all 😷🤒🤧

  12. Remember when apple computers looked like a tube tv lol those were the days.

  13. in 2years all those specs will be obsolete for the mac… lol.. Just build a dope asss PC rig. Macs are way overpriced.

  14. Unfortunately, if you are an Adobe Premire user an equivalent PC will give you better performance overall for less because the app is poorly optimised to run on the Mac.

    Only the Final Cut Editors will get the most value and performance on the Mac Pro

  15. What's the Mac Pro performance like compared to the iMac Pro? there a few 2nd hand imac pros selling cheap.

  16. ¡Oraleee! ¡Bravo Armando! 💪

  17. I would recommend Windows.

  18. nuke studio is where the performance is at not the mac pro. software is ur limiting factor. also, intel is dead.

  19. Have an awesome 2020 man

  20. I believe this is the 2013 Mac Pro that Apple withheld to give us the Trashcan.

  21. The real question is does Armando say “Goodbye” on the Spanish channel in place of “adios”

  22. Great stuff as always! Happy New Year from Ireland!! ☘️🔥🧨💪🏽🤠👍🏽🧨🔥☘️

  23. Would Premiere and After Effect renders be faster with 28 cores than 16? and what about the Radeon Pro Vega II Duo? seems like a beast graphic card

  24. Long time viewer here – do you know when you will start uploading your content about the Canon C500 Mark II ? I wait in anticipation- keep up the good work!

  25. I watched your channel since you talked about Android, you are one of the reasons I became an Android fan, and I am proud of the development of this channel. Btw I hope I can afford this 😀

  26. congrats on the new Mac Pro!

  27. Hi Amando. Are you saying a Premiere will run slower on a 28-core than 16-core because what's important to Adobe is base clock? Thanks. I use DaVinci.

  28. Thanks for the shoutout! 👍 👊

  29. You will only unlock the full potential of a Mac when working with Final Cut Pro X which is blazing fast for renders, exports, really is superbly optimized nowadays. It’s really the go to editing software for any Mac user.

  30. I liked your video a lot because you spoke about how you'll be using the Mac Pro. I personally don't need this awesome of a computer but that doesn't mean times won't change. Thank you for this review.

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