All Jumpscares (Part III) – Welcome To The Game II

All Jumpscares (Part III) – Welcome To The Game II

Welcome To The Game II Jumpscare Compilation #003
Part I:
Part II:
All jumpscares in the game, including such as the Lucas lobby jumpscare. Enjoy!

In this video:
– Welcome To The Game 2 Song “The Game” –
by Rockit Gaming –
– Worst SWAT Raid in History? – Parody –
by Mike The Cop –

Game Infobox
Title: Welcome To The Game II – The Game Has Just Begun
Developer/Publisher: Reflect Studios
First Release: 04th April 2018
Genre: Horror/Simulation
Platform: Steam

KotzwurstPro 2018


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  1. if you are hiding in the closet from lucas, and when he opens the door you come out of the closet, what happens?
    also, if you see lucas wondering inside your room from the balcony and immediately open the door what then?

  2. What drugs is the breather on?
    His eyes look really weird.

  3. This gry with pistol is from Poland

  4. 2:29 Is it bad that I was laughing at the part with the song, especially when it says "Noir coming after me" and the Noir's right behind him?

  5. death compilation

  6. Hitman have aimbot

  7. 2:02 Bitch you missed!


    clint: what about your first hou-

    Lucas * pew *

  9. bro… this dude doesn't even at least try to put up a fight. he just stands there.

  10. game over screen is the best

  11. I guess noir does'ent like rockit gaming's music

  12. 0:49

    Clint: im gonna peak and see whats going

    Lucas: gotta wash my hands before i kill him

    Clint: im gonna stop peaking and peak again

    Lucas: truns on hacker mode


    Lucas:*teleports* ty głupcze pew

    Clint: could'ent suceed at what im doing

  13. Będę się za ciebie modlił

  14. the vpn one was super funny lol

  15. What does the assassin say tho?

  16. nice

  17. ,,[Będę się za ciebie modlił]"

  18. The Irony in this video is amazing

  19. 0:18 Wait what? Lucas the Hitman called The Swat team? Lol

  20. Lucas is standing right there and he's like ¨Hold on,¨ turns on flashlight ¨Alright, now say the thing¨

  21. Będę się za ciebie modlił~ Lucas

  22. 4:31

  23. Lucas is from Poland like me

  24. The breather sure knows that he should Wear a mask during the pandemic xd

  25. Should have just stuck with a part 1. Part 2 and 3 of these are all repeats

  26. How many times did you get jumpscared by the Noir?

  27. Hitman is from poland

  28. 2:28 Best timing
    4:49 too
    You need to know about this gamę So much

  29. Wtfk do the hit man says ?

  30. 0:17
    I saw this and I knew what the comments where gonna be like

  31. “You disappoint me”

    I disappoint myself! And my parents, which is why my mother wen to the milk store 15 years ago!

    The maker:…. are you okay?

  32. they were almost all the same

  33. Lucas is good at finding this guy

  34. Why doesn’t the main character consider, I don’t know, buying a fucking shotgun? Surely that’d help?

  35. Did any one else see the assassin walk out with the police

  36. 1:10 Breather not having any of that XD

  37. Random fact, when Lucas kills you, he says ''I will pray for you''


  39. 0:49
    Lucas: you pervert!

  40. now ur just doing the same jumpscares ;D

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