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  1. 2008😮

  2. Nice


  4. dang 9 years ago i wonder if his still alive

  5. ɷɷɷɷ Heeyy Friends I Have Founddd W0roking Online Hacck visitttt : –

  6. ɷɷ Heeeeyyy Frienddssss I Have F0unddddd Workingg Online Hacck visitt : –

  7. This is the working one for me, i just found it on google plus. ********************************** age of war (hacks)

  8. Dude awesome vid bro.

  9. But other then that it was great but make a video like super solder vs cave man or something like that

  10. It was boring add some stuff like better music 🙂

  11. I can not come to the hack site

  12. It looks as if you never played the game before. In thr first age, the chicken turrets are the best.

  13. Nice hacking

  14. Miért erre használod a hacked? Ősember korban szuper katona! 

  15. what this song

  16. dit lukt ja nu wel

  17. dit lukt niet

  18. the whole site is hacked (the description)

  19. im from poland :)(:

  20. laagi

  21. if you want #1 cheat in the world for age of war 2 go to my channel and watch the video where i did the cheat then read description… Its is beast!!!

  22. How did you

  23. Wow Super it how I download
    give the site if you do not have

  24. AWESOME!

  25. guys go to a site called arcade pre hacks it has loads of flash games including this one with all of the hacks

  26. what a shity music…..

  27. nice this ownes thanks

  28. valeu pelo hack cara mt mt mt obrigado

  29. easy just go to arcade pre thats ther to

  30. @metalbustah Maker of what?

  31. song at 6:20?

  32. look below the video and open the information bar there standing age of war 2 ! and a hack for age of war 1 but not downloadable 🙂

  33. yes mabye i dont now it anymore 😛 it's 2 years ago XD

  34. did u use cheat engine?

  35. Music name please!

  36. cheat engine '-)

  37. @Suppersin1994 i geuss cheat engine

  38. How did you do it

  39. i never knew cave men used machine guns

  40. if you want to hack this game along with many other games go to arcadeprehacks . com and just search for age of war.

  41. no1 will pay for hacks thats free and not online

  42. Where did u get those hackS?? TEll mEEEEEE!!!!!

  43. These scams work in the online version?

  44. impossibles easy there seems to be a stradegy but i already have one

  45. this game isnt that hard, i beat it on impossible on my 3rd try

  46. woooooow its work really i hafe dowload it awesome

  47. i have it its funny 🙂 to google Age of War Trainer 😉

  48. lol wats the music im lovin it

  49. just klik on google age of war trainer

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