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  1. I’ve been watching all your videos, it’s helped soooooo much thanks fam!

  2. you take sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo long Jesus

  3. I want to try stargaze =O

  4. Do 5 stargazer to see if it increase the chance

  5. Maybe ad a disclaimer to not summon Athalia from your first stargazer pull, twins are alot better to have for most guildbosses and twisted realm bosses.

    I made this mistake too, had pulled an Athalia from scrolls like a week before, so i upped her with the stargazer, and she has helped my progress in the campaign, but overall twins would help me progress faster.

    Also bought Ezizh from my first challanger store rewards, for twisted realm and stuff, the next day i pulled another Ezizh from stones, lucky, but unlucky, dont need him higher then elite rly.

  6. Thanks to your channel y learn so much

  7. What should I max first? It seems like a lot of people play with shemera or however you spell it, is that a good choice and what others do yall suggest?

  8. Good Work! Top Notch as always!

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  10. worked for me

  11. Been playing this game as a side extremely casually, but getting into it more. Your videos are helping me get a bit more focused

  12. You and your viedos on the left and bluestacks on the right, is the best combo. Add a hot cup of cacao and it is even better.

  13. I'm in, subbed. Congrats on 25k

  14. Still havent been able to find you on discord.. need ID and tag# right?

  15. Awesome video as always man!

  16. Been playing for like 2 months nearing the end of chapter 17 and ardens are hurting me in so many ways

  17. Ding Dong. Ding Dong

  18. Win

  19. Awsome

  20. Thanks for the vid. Just unlocked chapter 16 and did a 10 pull with tickets from Halloween. Got double Athelia!!

  21. Only recently started playing this game and your videos have been really helpful for a new player like me!

  22. Total noob still, and very stuck @ chapter 11 hehe, but really enjoying AFK Arena! Don't think I would have downloaded it if it wasn't for your videos 🙂

  23. Tried. Got twins at my first 10 pull and the Mauler elite card. So confirmed. Probably gives you one random faction elite card as well also guaranteed.

  24. You seem so happy

  25. When do you unlock this feature

  26. Just finished chapter 15 and very excited to learn about stargazer.Love your shows thank you for taking the time and explaining you've helped ALOT 😀😀

  27. I wish I had like 50k diamond like you to open I really like athalia

  28. E

  29. I wanna win!

  30. Remember Me?
    No I Was Mr. Assasin Your Old Subscriber
    Appreciate It
    Um Yeah

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