Adobe Premiere Pro Collaborative Editing Workflow

Adobe Premiere Pro Collaborative Editing Workflow

Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2019 has great tools for collaboration between editors. Team Projects is aimed at teams that need to collaborate remotely, but doesn’t work great on large projects. Shared Projects allows teams to collaborate locally on big projects.

Learn how to set up Shared Projects, which preferences to use, how to tell who has which Shared Project open, how to refresh your projects, and how to link to existing projects.
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  1. How do you collaborate with other editors?

  2. Thanks for the video Patrick! Very helpful.

  3. 0:25 Breathtaking Underwear XDDDDDD

  4. This is a great introduction and explanation on the features, but could you create a tutorial using a real world application? Right now my crew is working off of a shared HD and we're just creating duplicate premiere project files for each other where they're referencing the same shared resources file within the same HD. We also have a duplicate "Master" just in cause we have an issue with an error or corruption. I'm having trouble seeing the difference between this and what we do already. Plus, what happens if a file gets corrupted? Will that corruption carry over to the same shared "Master" file when you're putting the different pieces of the project together for final delivery?

  5. I'm having trouble using Shared Projects on Premiere Pro 2020 – do you know if this is still a feature on the newest version or are they pushing team projects on the creative cloud?

  6. Hi, Im still unclear about this. Does this method enables 1 editor to do the arrangement, another to color correct and another to master the audio, all at the same time?

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