Adobe Premiere Pro CC Beginner Tutorial: Intro Guide to the Basics (Learn How to Edit Video)

Adobe Premiere Pro CC Beginner Tutorial: Intro Guide to the Basics (Learn How to Edit Video)

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Learn the Basics of how to edit video in Adobe Premiere Pro. In this tutorial I will be using Premiere Pro CC 2017 to demonstrate how to edit video for beginners.

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  1. Which country are u?

  2. That was super helpful for a beginner like me. Can't wait to press the sub button.

  3. Amazing! This is all I needed to get started. THANK YOU VERY MUCH!! Plz keep 'em coming … just became a sub 🙂

  4. thank you sir i am searching this type of course free

  5. THNX 😀

  6. Bro! publish videos with assets. So it may help us to train self.

  7. Gareth David Studio send me here.

  8. Justin,

    Thank you very clear steps and instruction.


    David (Australia)

  9. Thank you teacher , best recpect frome kurdistan iraq ❤

  10. Justin, premiere pro is only for the computer or is for the smart ph too, like Ru program ?
    thank you


  12. 12min ? watch on 2x and save 6min

  13. These videos helped me so fucking much
    if you're not subbed idk what you are thinking. 😀

  14. Just downloaded Premiere, this really helped me get started! Thank you!

  15. You sound like a person that really likes juice… maybe even a juice head…

  16. Thank you so much! SO helpful!

  17. I've just started YouTube and I'm happy that I fiund this channel

  18. Just now started watching your tutorial on Premiere Pro…..its amazing That You have taken a lot of your time to do this and its absolutely Awesome


  19. Do you live in the Detroit area? Great videos by the way. Thanks

  20. Anyone please tell me if I can add keyframes to adjustment layer.. when i add keyframes it does not work . It does work when i do it to the clip but it makes editing more harder.

  21. Appreciate it. I was using Sony Vegas for 7 years and decided to go Adobe Premiere after too many crashes.

  22. You are so patient and your videos give me so much enlightenment and solve many problems.Very tutorial.Thanks.

  23. Imagine recording with low Battery ;.;

  24. mind blown best video

  25. perfect.

  26. no loud music, no indian accent, perfect. Thanks!

  27. Switching from vegas to premiere like

  28. Thanks for the simple explanation…

  29. You made it really clear,thank you I already hit the subscribe 😉

  30. Dear it's very nice but you are very fast for beginners. Well i will see your videos again and again for seeking knowledge, thank you for teaching…

  31. Thanks a lot bro

  32. Much appreciation and gratitude for this beginner's tutorial to Premiere Pro! Best regards, Max T.

  33. I thought it would be too much work to find tutorials for premiere on youtube and didn't want to do it but this is a great tutorial THANK YOU

  34. most boring video i have ever seen. the commentary put me to sleep too. I had to rewind the same 30 seconds about 15 times just to try and pay attention to wtf was being shown

  35. Thanks From Taiwan.

  36. Please add subtitle indonesian, i need please

  37. hey justin im a beginner in premiere pro im subscribed to your channel. ive been following all the steps to get to know the program in this video and ive got lost when you went to file new – titles , that option isnt there , is it because im using premiere pro cc 2018??? any help please..

  38. Can you import other premier files into new permier files?

  39. Play at 1.25….Thank me Later!

  40. Odisho? Assyrian?

  41. how to open title in premier pro cc 2018

  42. Good

  43. I am not able to get the text box in the title. Please help??

  44. Great video, easy & simple to understand. Thanks a lots

  45. please is the software free or.i have to subscribe

  46. Premiere ve Edius'un Türkçe eğitim videolarına kanalımdan ulaşabilirisiniz…

  47. Thank you so much bro i am an guy from india who liked all your tutorials and really nice the way you teach and thank you for an best teacher for me and i am still waiting for more and more after effects tutorial

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