Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2019 Basics

Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2019 Basics

The Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2019 interface broken down into the simplest terms. Each panel explained and what function it serves in the editing process when working with Adobe Premiere Pro.

Hugely inspired by Peter McKinnon’s after effects tutorial on the After Effects interface broken down. You should check it out.

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  1. argel juen

  2. bakla si argel

  3. i like this vid it is helpful for us students of csa binan WITH GRADE 9 ST THOMAS

  4. I watched a video about editing with a variety of frame rates in the same timeline and it knocked me on my ass haha i've been editing for years and I use the 1Dx mkii with it's 120pfs and the occasional 4K 60' so out of curiosity looked up a video about editing frame rates, i've never had any hassle with it but the amount of detail the guy went into to break down the menus and settings was crazy, the advice was solid but it made me feel like I was years behind on editing haha I love learning new editing techniques it's so good to get out of your comfort zone and familiarise ourselves with all the shortcuts, effects and settings, sweet video man, do you have plans to make another one of these and break down some advanced editing techniques, we can never learn enough when it comes to editing so that would be an epic video! Keep up the awesome work man, I love the quality, time and effort you're putting into these videos!

  5. I liked the thorough and detailed tutorial on the basics! Adding great value to the content and playlist👊

  6. Loving the video i just got a Focus Right auido interface

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