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  1. This tutorial was inspired by YOU! Let us know what we should create next at 👉

  2. This tutorial help and worked for me. THANK YOU.

  3. If i do "Replace with After Effects composition" it does'n drag over the selected clip?

  4. 8:30 Thank you so much

  5. Very useful explainer!

  6. Maaaaaan I need this tutorial soooo badly…..thnk u soooo much❤

  7. My render and replace option is failing , anyone else have this problem and found a fix?

  8. I located all my files for my project on the desktop, when I move them to documents they aren't linked anymore. I can move them back to the desktop to work on them, but I want to move them to documents because the files are huge.. any suggestions?

  9. Once again you nailed it man…Thanks a lot dear.. 🙂

  10. Very helpful tutorial! Much appreciated.

  11. 6:29

  12. "…to communicate with eat cheddar…" 🙂

  13. 1:08

  14. excusse me, what if i cant click the "replace with after effect composittion" button in premiere pro? 🙁

  15. hey please review an old rock and roll video I made in the eightie's. I would like to make some cool edits on the old videos..but I don't have any idea with what I can do with adobe animate, after effects and premiere pro ??? so if you would please,.check out and let me know what you think of , thanks for considering me … again danke in advance


  17. Cheers. Thank You

  18. Can you put an ae comp into another ae comp in premiere?

  19. "Lowering the price of that bill" hahahah you guys are awesome! (PS: Please let me know how to do that too!)

  20. This was great! Thank you! For the first option (bringing in a premiere project file into AE), would you just render/export directly from After Effects once the project is complete?

  21. Amazing tuto! I learnt new tips 🙂 One question: How do you manage adjustment layer to not impact the text colors in premiere? (For example: if I create an animated text with specific colors in AE and then if I go back to premiere, my adjustement layer containing a LUT will modify the colors.) Can you help me on this matter please?

  22. Thanks! It's been a while since I've used these programs. The integration is even better than it used to be!

  23. When I replace my video with AF it doesn't show or play in Af, what do I do wrong?

  24. My dynamic link does not work, after i replace adobe premiere composition only a composition is created in after effect but you cant see the footage and in premiere pro the footage is not visible, what could be the problem please? I'm using 2019 premiere pro and adobe after effects.

  25. thnx for this information its really useful for me…

  26. Not working it you have warp stabilizer, or have other adjustment layers on top of the clips in premier

  27. Thank you so much! I'm learning so much from you!!! Keep up the great videos!

  28. 4:05 This is a GREAT video Thanks!

  29. Jordy, many thanks. You Rock!!!!!

  30. any way to keep the cuts?

  31. How do you make it keep the cuts from Premiere Pro?

  32. Dude! You left me hanging at 3:58… why show the “unpopular” way at all if your not gonna follow through…?

  33. Awesome, been battling this feature all day. Just needed a good explanation and this one is spot on.

  34. great stuff. thanks.

  35. Heres another way you can do it dynamic link Fix

  36. Thaaaaanks you so much for this amazing video. It is Sooo powefull !!

  37. Thank you for the tutorial. So amazing

  38. My main tool is After Effects and I want to edit the composition in the Premiere like sounds and text. so how can I edit the after-effects composition in Premiere and save them live?
    Means AE > PR > AE

  39. I loved the intro

  40. This is one of your best tutorials. Thanks a lot !!!

  41. Love you bro

  42. Who cares about what the video contains. Too much narration.

  43. My clips in Premiere Pro became an After Effects Project clip (.aep) almost as if they were nested into a sequence. Is there a step that I am missing so it keeps the individual clips like in your video? I did everything the same but all the clips that I highlighted became nested into one.

  44. This is amazing!! Perfect tutorial! 😍

  45. So I created a intro in after affects but could I import the whole intro into premiere pro? or do I have to create the dynamic link before working in after effects and I have to start all over again?

  46. I'm not lucky. The second method doesn't work on 2018. (Replace with AE comp) It opens a blank composition in AE with no footage in it.

  47. "lower the price of the bill" Lol

  48. Thanks

  49. So here is a question, not a complaint. I did all my post work in Adobe Premiere and then used the "replace with after effects composition" on some sub-clips in Premiere's timeline. I followed this tutorial to figure out how to to accomplish this. Everything worked except I am running into an issue with cross fade transitions, I used in between clips in Premiere. After doing a Content Aware Fill effect in After Effects, which worked awesomely, I could no longer use my cross dissolve transition because there is no longer any extra footage at the beginning or the end of the clip to do the transition.

    Any clue or tip on how to get around this?

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