Adobe Photoshop CC 2017: Tutorial for Beginners – Lesson 1 (Layout & User Interface)

Adobe Photoshop CC 2017: Tutorial for Beginners – Lesson 1 (Layout & User Interface)

Getting started and learning adobe photoshop cc 2017 / 2018. Lesson 1 is a simple beginners guide with an english voice tutorial on how to use photoshop and understanding the layout and user interface. In the video I discuss the tools, workspace, options and menu. How to create new projects, setup guidelines, creating a layer, using shorcut keys and much more.

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  1. Lesson 2:


  3. definitely GOOD !

  4. brilliant lesson and clear voice too

  5. whats the most common tool?

  6. Amazing

  7. very helpful

  8. best tutorial out there! thank you

  9. that was awesome TNX a lot😍

  10. it was really helpful.i known a bit now.hope to see second lesson

  11. too much ads

  12. This is too fast and confusing, I cannot follow.

  13. Best tutorial video I ever seen

  14. thanks

  15. i tell you what i love about your teaching you do not rush and talk so fast as some do i am glad i have found your programs thank you so much from trev a newbee with photoshop and will be 70 in july cheers from trev

  16. Thank a lot, hello from Thailand

  17. Brilliant. Very explicit and good. Thanks

  18. not showing with a photo

  19. I LOVE YOU MAN,Thankssssss

  20. excellent training for a beginner , thanks

  21. nice i like this video

  22. Keep making such more videos

  23. Guys i cloned myslef in a CINEMATIC way! Go check it out on JERVINHO⚡️

  24. Why you selected the are in 17:33 i don't understand ..And the video is so good just keep going .. i want to be professional when i finish Your lessons so keep going

  25. Can we plz have some more tutorials!
    I loved this one!

  26. Loved it!! You teach good

  27. Thank you!!!! I feel a bit more comfortable now. Lesson 2 here I come!


  29. gosh, im not following! im doing it while watching this and it just doesnt do like what you're doing!

  30. Good effort. But not comprehensive enough. Still searching for one that is. Adobe tutorials by ben wilkins and the like are over 20 hrs and complete. But they aren't free. Hopefully someone will upload those someday on torrents.

  31. It's great and easy to follow. Only a problem is that my PS does not allow me to catch a image from one subject down to another by through the title bar. I tried so many times following your video, it was just not work. If it's caused by the difference of versions? My version is ps cc 2017

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