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  1. Awesome video! I couldn't find clock wipe, I think they got rid of it in the new update. I used Radial Wipe for the exact same effect for anyone that can't find it. <3

  2. i cant find the title in filter under layer. ?

  3. How can i make a timer like this how do i edit background of timer change color and the fade color effect?

  4. Hi I have completed the countdown timer, thanks for the great info…

    How do I place it on top of my video as an overlay?.. Sorry complete beginner here….

  5. how to do it in cc2019?

  6. Great Video! It was really straightforward and helpful! I want to have the timer on the corner of my screen, but when i move the circle and the timer to the corner, the clock wipe still starts wiping from the center. Is there a way to move the anchor of the clock wipe effect?
    Thanks again!

  7. Can I add this to time laps, 1 fps, but have it display real time?

  8. At the end, don't need to create a screenshot. Just add a frame hold to the timer when it hits zero by right clicking the video

  9. anyone else looked for this to make kpop line distribution videos?

  10. Great Video… Dope stuff, Definitely using this for my Trailer Reviews

  11. Great Video. Thanks a Trillion… 🙂

  12. Great Video! Absolutely to the point. Thank you for sharing the knowledge. Appreciate it!

  13. So great tutorial. Unfortunately it appears that in the updated premiere pro they have no title editor. Kind of annoying but I would love to see an updated video on creating a similar timer with the newer version.


  15. I created a time lapse where every photo was taken every 30 seconds… I cant seem to get the timer to calculate the time correctly based on how long I actually took photos for. Any Tips?

  16. This is extremely helpful!!!!! Thank you

  17. I like your computer and how you put a stopwatch on

  18. Thanks

  19. ありがとう

  20. So easy to follow. But how do I now add this onto my workout video?

  21. Thanks for the tutorial. I got a question: how do we make it stops or goes slower at a certain point of time?

  22. Thank you for the easy and clear tutorial!

  23. Great video, but how to display milliseconds? The video shows 60-fps drop frame, but no option for milliseconds.

  24. Very good job!

  25. Thanks for This Video 🙂

  26. Am i able to make the count down with a transparent background??

  27. Hi. I need this for a school project. I'm having trouble with adding a title to the timeline. as of today the title option is no longer in the same place, is there a different spot that it is located or was it removed? (i can't look as i'm not at school right now and i don't have access to premiere pro)

  28. thank you so much man! really helpful tip

  29. how is this done as adobe premiere has been updated and the title option is no longer there??

  30. With the new update "Clock wipe" is no longer available now you have to go to EFFECTS > VIDEO EFFECTS > TRANSITION > RADIAL WIPE

  31. My clock wipe is not working like that. It's only working for a few seconds. Does anyone know how to make it last for 2 min? I've changed the settings of the transition to be 2 minutes but no luck

  32. Thank you. Very BIG help!!!!!!!!

  33. Perfectly clear and concise 👍

  34. Hi, I'm using the 2018 version and the effect Clock Wipe doesn't work like yours. Why?

  35. How do you make your own timer with branding?

  36. Thanks for the video! One thing that I'd appreciate if you could explain is changing the timer symbol from ; to : I see that you've changed it from one part of the video to the next but there's no explanation how that happened 🙂 I do not see the option for that anywhere, thanks!

  37. Your voice is so beautiful i like your chanal orange 83 your video is very very good

  38. Svp l'effet" Clock wipe" en francais

  39. It's pretty impressive that this could be done. But it's pretty impractical because adobe dedicates animated visuals for after effects.

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