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  1. Rich elites getting corona
    Who cares

  2. How old is his wife 17??!

  3. Fake

  4. Thought this dude died in a helicopter crash… Fake news.

  5. I wonder why she wasn't tested when he was. He tested positive without symptoms no he's receiving treatment? What is the treatment/ cure? Did they post that?

  6. Either this man doesn't give a shit about spreading it to her or he doesn't have it to begin with ..

  7. I guess you deserve it. 🤣

  8. Only the rich are getting tested at the moment I want to get tested I have anxiety and I'm projecting the covid-19 symptoms onto myself, I certain I'm not the only one feeling this.

  9. Actually i will provide snowflake virus , it will cure . We all hope 🙁

  10. How much did u get paid😭😭😭😭

  11. Get well plz 🙏

  12. Idris don't take us for poeses my guy…which loving husband would be tested for an unknown, serious disease and choose to be around his spouse, wouldn't you be concerned with infecting her or your loved ones…se Poes maan

  13. This guy says he has a virus and his wife is standing right next to him. What is wrong with humans?

  14. What the hell… meanwhile I’m REQUIRED to go to work

  15. Why is not wearing a mask or his wife 🤔🤔

  16. 'Stay positive'

  17. This guy's performance in Molly's game was as good as I've ever seen

  18. Not before you came to my town you wanker

  19. At least u would have told ur wife to wear mask n act before making this 🎥

  20. Bullshit!!!!

  21. Power up brother and power on,,,your very good actor

  22. Why are celebrities announcing that they have this or anything else? They aren't any more important than you or me.
    Even though this guy has done some OK acting work, I just find him and all the others who make announcements like this to be pathetic, lowlife, conceited, pieces of shit. They think they are better than you but they are much lower than any non-celebrity.

  23. The one behind him with the Addams Apple

  24. This shit fake as hell lmaoo

  25. Sadly idris being famous means he is a superspreader and its highly likely he was the main cause of vulnarable and old people getting sick this is the truth fame spreads the disease think of the countries he has visited and the people he has given the sickness too with the hugs and selfies, it aint his fault but thats the facts, he must feel awful knowing that he gave it to a person that died

  26. Father moreau 🙏

  27. Majeerteen nagahooda meelkasta ma fadhiyaan. Nacastan Madaxaa Dheere naa ka fogow ninka xanuunka qaba

  28. Nigga kkk


  30. Please .I know you will be fine just believe in yourself

  31. You have to use ginger and garlic everyday.

  32. お前には気をつけてくださいね!!!!

  33. So If you have it, just give it to your wife why don't you!!! Unbelievable!!

  34. Why didn't he tell his silly as broad to protect her dumb assed face

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