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abobe premier pro 32 bit free

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What is Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2015?

Premiere Pro CC 2015 is the most recent update to Adobes flagship non-linear video editing package. Now that the software is exclusively available via the Creative Cloud service, updates are more incremental and there is less hoopla when a major new release arrives.

There have been a few sub-versions since I reviewed the first version of Premiere Pro CC, including improvements to the first release, and three iterations of the 2014 version. Here, I take a look at whats new in the 2015.0.2 release, aka 9.0.2.

Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2015 – Morph Cut and Colour Workflows

There arent a whole lot of new effects in this version of Premiere Pro, but one in particular is garnering a fair bit of interest. The Morph Cut transition is designed for those times when youve shot a talking head but only have one usable camera angle, and not much B-roll for cutaways. So when its necessary to reduce the interview length, you either end up with a jump cut or have to use a cross dissolve that is almost as bad.

Enter the Morph Cut. This analyses the background, so it can figure out which bit of the frame is the talking head, then blends the two clips together so there is a seamless flow from one section to the next. I tried this on a corporate video with a well lit, contrasting background and the result was surprisingly good, although there was some spurious mouth motion along the way. This didnt look out of place, and I can safely say I will be using this transition in interview work from now on.

Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2015

This isnt so much a new filter effect but a whole toolbox inside Premiere Pro. The end results are still applied via the Lumetri colour filter, which has existed in some form since Premiere Pro CC first arrived. But there are now windows for Lumetri Scopes and Color adjustments. The Color workspace preset rearranges the Premiere Pro interface so the Lumetri Color settings window is on the right and the Scopes window is on the left.

You dont get sophisticated functions from SpeedGrade like the colour matching ability (which is a quite astounding feature). But you do get a whole bunch of Look presets; the ability to import external looks and LUTs in most of the popular formats; a selection of adjustments including sharpening, fading, vibrance and saturation; and tint colour wheels for shadows and highlights. So quite powerful grading is available without the need to leave the Premiere Pro interface, which will definitely make proper grading even more popular than it has already become.

Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2015 – Workspaces and Collaboration

Although Premiere Pro has had customisable workspaces for a while, with 2015 there is now a whole selection of these, the Color option being just one. There are also Assembly, Editing, Effects, Audio, and Metalogging layouts. All can be reconfigured and saved, and you can create your own as well. The Welcome screen you see when you first load the software has had a makeover, too, although you probably wont be spending a lot of time looking at that.

Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2015

Collaborative working and the cloud are increasingly in vogue, and Adobe has been developing tools to leverage this for a few years now. More links with these facilities are now built into Premiere Pro CC. You dont get the full range of what can be stored in the Creative Cloud Libraries within Premiere Pro CC, however. Video assets arent included, just Lumetri Looks, graphics, character styles and colours. You can create libraries of assets, synchronise them via Creative Cloud, and share them with collaborators so they appear right inside their own copy of Premiere Pro and can be used on their projects.

Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2015

There is direct support for the Adobe Premiere Clip smartphone app, which lets you grab footage, perform some simple editing, and then sync to your Creative Cloud space. The footage and project file will then appear on your desktop system and can be edited further there. Dragging the XML file created to Premiere Pro CC imports the project and all associated clips. Theres a direct link to the Adobe Stock service, too, and Adobe Anywhere collaboration system, although this requires an Enterprise-level account with associated server software.

Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2015 – Sundry New Features

One of the big strengths of all of Adobes applications is their ability to exchange content without the need to render out. This has been further improved between Premiere Pro CC 2015 and Audition. You can now export to Audition with preview video streamed directly from the Premiere Pro engine via Dynamic Link, rather than having to wait for a preview render.


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