A Designers Review Of Adobe Photoshop On The iPad Pro  😎

A Designers Review Of Adobe Photoshop On The iPad Pro 😎

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Here is the well awaited Photoshop for iPad Pro! Let me know your thoughts!

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Thanks for watching! Hope you enjoyed this video!

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  1. Wish the iPhone had this,
    Doesn’t make sense,

  2. As a photographer I really wanted to love photoshop for ipad – as you said, its targeted to people like me, but I can't do full retouching there – I have to jump to adobe fix if I want to use liquify – and imo cloning brush works better there – in a free app, not in the subscription I pay good money for.
    Also I need my "actions" to speed up my workflow and I don't think this feature is going to ipad anytime soon. 🙁

  3. I know this might make people scoff…but seriously, will full Photoshop come to Android?

  4. I want to study graphic designer but I really don't know how to find job with?

  5. Dang that's fucked up, the whole reason I wanted this things was for kitted out photoshop

  6. Subscription? Yeah….I'll pass says the pirate.

  7. to much talkign but you teach less

  8. I currently use a 3rd party drawing app and it exports my files as a .psd file. Can I import .psd into photoshop-for-iPad and are there other file type options for exporting, like .png or other image file types?

  9. I love your review mate, But i dont think you keep needing to say designer….

  10. Can you make a vid with American accent please , I just can't stand the way you stutter .

  11. Hi Will,

    Hope you don’t mind me messaging. I run an electrical company, I’m a sole trader and I have to advertise my own business etc and things like that. I only have an IPad Pro, no iMac etc. I love the idea of designing my own posters, leaflets, fb covers etc. Is photoshop on the iPad the thing to use for that and is it something I could definitely learn myself.
    Simple things like having a picture of my work and adding my logo but without the white block background and things like that, I’m literally starting from scratch. If you have any advice or tips and don’t mind sharing, I’d really appreciate it. Thanks

  12. i have the 2015 ipad pro it crashes when I upload a psd file 500 mb all I need it for id to edits templates not so much for drawing etc is photoshop on any ipad suitable for this or surface pro etc ?

  13. the pencil is overrated

  14. I have a question! My dad thinks that Photoshop on the new iPad is that you have to pay Everytime you use it and you need to pay a subscription. Is that true?

  15. Can we import our brushes from the desktop version and how many layers can it handle? 😀

  16. Anyone notice the shadow behind him?

  17. You can download your fonts through the Adobe cloud app

  18. Can it import psd’s?

  19. Sounds like 💩

  20. So… Not quite worth using over Affinity Photo, and for a running subscription cost. This has to be frustrating for the people who were hyped for this.

  21. see, for me Photoshop iPad is good as i mainly edit photos ect, and is a big step up from Pixelmator .. but .. Pixelmater is good when looking at the price

  22. Does the iPad Photoshop allow functionality like stitching together photos into a panorama?

  23. What do you call the thing you wear on your wrist so your hand doesn’t touch the iPad? Thx

  24. great vid William! I'm a photographer that does some design and video editing on the side. using Photoshop on my MBP 2014 at the mo and that laptop is starting to show its age (well it wouldn't if 32GB RAM was an option back then and I had gone with the dedicated vid card) so looking at iPad Pro as a replacement. very positive feelings after seeing this vid just the lack of font control is worrying. I do have a PC as well so could do refinements on there I suppose. are the iPad versions of the apps smaller? 256GB on this laptop has been a bit of a joke amount of space but I'm wondering if 1TB model is worth it or 512GB fine?

  25. Music was annoying and kind of distracting

  26. not for 10 amonth when one can get affinity for one time fee and it does more, now if they made it for 49 one time and thats it, sure thing but not for 10 amonth thats crazy.

  27. If you have the iPad pro why dont you use procreate? Isn't it not good enough for drawing?

  28. You love adobe? For what? Buying other developers’ software and charging rent for it?

  29. It's shite. A joke. Even cheap apps like Procreate blow it out of the water.

  30. Subscription needs to die and all apps with that model

  31. Have cintique 24 pro. Huion 22. Surface 4 and 6 pro. Looking at buying ipad for walking work. PS is a must for me. Found you in the search. Thanks huge for this. Made a massive diff before I drop 2k. I am about 60 percent…maybe 70.

  32. Are you using the 11 inch or the 12,9 ?

  33. where do u got that special glove from?

  34. Well now that’s a disappointment!

  35. Man, I could have really used a full photoshop on an Ipad, Fresco can go die in a tarpit for the money-grabbing junk that it is. I could do my webcomic while on lunch break at work and get each upload done on time.

  36. Get Astropad studio for iPad best app for turning iPad into a graphics tablet for your computer and you can have full photoshop and if you go the website you can get a 30 day free trail instead of 7days via App Store I was blown away buy how easily it work

  37. Nope should be there already. They saw how bad photoshop ps failed in the community. I was part of the beta testing and nope did not pull me in. Affinity on desktop and iPad do the same.

  38. Question: From a professional standpoint, and knowing what we know about the directions of both Adobe, and Apple iPAD, would you invest $1500+ into a Wacom Cintiq?

  39. It seems like an odd way to implement Photoshop on the iPad. The iPad was created by a team of designers, for designers and artists. It’s main USP from day one was the Apple Pencil, and to implement for photo editing first seems a bit lame, as there are lots of good apps that already let you do this. It should have been ready to go with something that nobody was offering already, in graphic communications, while giving you all the editing tolls in situ. Photoshop used to be the one stop on the Mac, and with the the pace that iPad OS will develop, they have to be pushing things more fully baked to take advantage. It is still ahead of the pack in a number of ways, but I ask myself if the gap will be there in two years. I get the feeling it was rushed out, in the same way Apple rushed the Home Pod to market, and for similar reasons.

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