3 Ways to Freeze Frame | Adobe Premiere Pro Tutorial

3 Ways to Freeze Frame | Adobe Premiere Pro Tutorial

For todays tutorial we are taking a look at 3 quick and simple ways to pull off the freeze frame effect in Adobe Premiere Pro!

These methods include, “insert frame hold segment”, “Add frame hold” & “Export Frame”.

If you’re interested in the video featured, it is an 80’s Action Parody!

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  4. is there a way to do the first one in adobe premeire pro cs5? when I right click "insert frame hold segment" isnt an option.

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  10. We made a tool for make freeze frame in aftereffects in 10 sec! check it: https://videohive.net/item/freeze-frame-intro-toolkit/24469101

  11. Short and straight to the point. I can't stress enough how tutorials like that are the best. Thank you.

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  18. how can a video be this straight to the point

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  19. Helpful and you didn't take 5 mins of explaining to set it up. Got right to it. Thank you!!!

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  23. Thanks so very much. This is a MUST HAVE for ending YT videos with cliffhangers. Right?

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  26. AWESOME TUTORIAL 🙂 direct and not a long video 🙂 it helped me alot

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  30. Thanks guys! Really great explanation. I love how you cut to the chase as a lot of tutorials have so much fluff it gets annoying!

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  42. Yo thanks for the quick tip pal! The one-click solution on the program shelf is choice since you can get an image saved to your project location if needed later so it's two steps in one. 😄

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  49. Hello! on the jpeg method, you say one wouldn't lose "any quality" since we're taking the image straight from the project. Does that mean the other ways loose quality? Thnx

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