1-Hour Music Mix | The Best Video Game Soundtracks

1-Hour Music Mix | The Best Video Game Soundtracks

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00:00 World of Warcraft – Neal Acree – Nightsong (feat. Laurie Ann Haus)
02:36 Witcher 3 – Hunt or be hunted
04:54 Overwatch – Victory Theme
06:45 League of Legends – Demacia Rising
10:47 Dark Souls III – Main Menu
13:25 Assassins Creed II – Jesper Kyd – Venice Rooftops
16:35 Civilization VI Main Theme – Christopher Tin – Sogno di Volare ( The Dream of Flight )
20:23 Mass Effect 2 – Suicide Mission
25:04 Dark Souls III – Soul of Cinder
30:48 Layers Of Fear – Main Theme (feat. Penelopa Wilmann-Szynalik)
32:50 Witcher 3 – The Fields of Ard Skellig
35:55 World of Warcraft – Neal Acree – Grommash Hellscream/Times Change (Pandora edit)
39:54 Assassin’s Creed 2 Soundtrack – Ezio’s Family
43:46 Diablo 3 OST – I Am Justice
45:41 Guild Wars 2 – Fear Not This Night (ft. Asja Kadrić)
50:32 Dragon Age Inquisition – Trevor Morris – Main Theme
54:08 World of Warcraft – Invincible
57:12 StarCraft II: Heart of the Swarm Ending – Neal Acree – Ascension


Shoutout to all Illustrators. Also to those from the art team representing the offical game art.

Thumbnail by WLOP

00:00 Picture by World of Warcraft: Traveler
02:36 Picture by 88grzes
04:54 Picture by Antoine Collignon
06:45 Picture by gisalmeida
10:47 Picture by WLOP
13:25 Picture by Assassins Creed
16:35 Picture by Civilization VI
20:23 Picture by Mass Effect 2
25:04 Picture by Hq Kamissar
30:48 Picture by Layers of Fear
32:50 Picture by Witcher 3
35:55 Picture by Warcraft ‘Movie’
39:54 Picture by Assassins Creed II
43:46 Picture by Joel-Lagerwall
45:41 Picture by Guild Wars 2
50:32 Picture by Dragon Age Inquisition
54:08 Picture by timens
57:12 Picture by Starcraft 2 HOTS:

(Animation / VFX created by me Pandora Journey)


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  1. Well, Where is Silent Hill Soundtracks? 🙁

  2. Where dfaq is mafia 1 and 2 ?

  3. so many years of my life spend on video games? its good time? or its waste time? I dont know still. Now its time for listren some notalgic songs, good luck in life my players friends 🙂

  4. Wow! Such beauty. Thank you Life hacks.

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  6. you started
    with World of Warcraft!!! ???? Take your like men!!!!

  7. yea.. nothing from Actraiser here so I'll pass….

  8. You know a game's soundtrack is good when the main menu theme makes it on this list

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  12. One problem, it’s missing a lack of master porky’s theme

  13. Like for Civ VI

  14. When it's started i feel that

  15. I honestly think that Video games are the ultimate format of art at least for now… because video games have everything that art has, music, art, visualization etc…

  16. What is the name 30:55?

  17. UNDERTALE!!!!!!!!!! Hmmm

  18. 13:40 perfecto

  19. Why is Alice Madness Returns soundtrack never in that kind of playlist?
    (Dark souls III gives me the chills)

  20. thank you for adding dragon age!

  21. i prefer dragon age and call of duty and rolling sky

  22. This Witcher 3 soundtracks throwing my mind to the other dimensions. Beautiful song.

  23. ░█░░░█▒░░█░█▄▀▒██▀░░░█░▀█▀░░░░░▀▄


  24. still the best music/ gaming music compilation out there been listening to this since 2017 i love this shit

  25. No nintendo? They have legendary music bro

  26. Im extremely offended because there is no Sealed Vessel

  27. 13:43 i love that part , so many memories hehe

  28. *gets suicidal bc there's no halo music

  29. where is Elder scrolls Skyrim music? the Main theme is amazing

  30. This definitely came before 15/9/2015(dd/m/yyyy)

  31. I wish I played videos, because this music is literally what the best dreams are made out of! Phenomenal! And now I completely understand why people get addicted. My only thing with the compilation, is the order of the tracks. Like clearly some of these should've gone before others. The stuff that gets you excited for an introduction should not be before a song that gets you excited for an imaginary battle. Song Hierarchy.

  32. the elder scrolls online should be in this video, ESO have the most amnazing video games sound track

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  38. (I'm just here for the Gordon Ramsay adds)

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  40. Where the heck is Last Of Us theme? It's definitely among the best without doubt

  41. where is venetian rooftops

  42. Max Payne 3 – Health – Tears / The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim – Dragonborn / For Honor – Katie Garfield – Gallows <3

  43. There is no Assassins Creed II – Jesper Kyd – Venice Rooftops anymore. It was just there a few days ago

  44. Was this person born yesterday? Most of these soundtracks are from the last 10 years lol. Where the hell is nintendo lmao.

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